well they got me aswell, i paid over $200.00 us for some halo figures, 5 months later, with numerous emails sent, still no refund or explanation.....

what a bunch of thiefs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If only they would make the effort to refund my card , as quicly as they'd charged it..... i love how there phone number instantly diverts to a full mailbox. What a bunch of losers living of young childrens hard earnt pocket, birthday and christmas money, I'd class them in the same catagorie as paedaphiles, as they take total advantage of a situation where we and our children have to suffer, bastards !!!!!

Phil Australia

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I recently got screwed by this website to the tune of $250.00 I can't believe the amount of complaints about this company that exist on the internet dating back as far as 2001, It's appalling they are still allowed to continue doing business. I want to try to get these bastards shut down and I'm compiling information to do so. Please contact me if you wish to share the details of your story, crazy_kramer@hotmail.com


*** ToyGlobe. They will be getting theirs and that is a promise. Using my card in france was a nice touch ***, seeing that you "base" your compnay in Quebec


Toyglobe.com is really a thief. I paid them 150 bucks one month ago, but they still don't deliver the order. Don't trust it.


Wow Sally, you are truly the ***!!! Try thieves and theives, you dumb ***!!! Thinks before you wirte!

Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #110721

THEIVES not thiefs! Wow, you're a ***.

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