they never send you an appropriate confirmatione email...that's the first sign.All you get is an email saying they have charged your account.

NO ORDER NUMBER, which is done on purpose, bc then they refuse to give you customer assistance without the number. the item never comes after 8 days, so i call to check, and guy says it's been overlooked and will ship in ANOTHER week! he EAGERLY offers to cancel order(could care less), and refund. I was charged sgnificatly more than cost of item for something that never shipped.

i dont trust them to refund money, so that need to be reported to the police for fraud!!

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i wish i had googled toyglobe before ordering, theyve done exactly the same to me and countless others by the look of it, they should be shut down


I received an order number but no tracking order, my card was charged almost immediately and after questioning them about the status/tracking number, I never received any reply from them. I was only charged for what I ordered as well, things seemed legit for the first few days.

Stay Away from ToyGlobe, even if they do send you your items, it'll be a hassle.

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